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A self working powerhouse! Have a card selected in the fairest way possible, get the spectator to cut to a card. Then have a second spectator merely think of a second card.

You run through and find the first card and place it on the table, saying to the spectator that they did the impossible as they cut to the only card in the pack… here you show them that the rest of the pack is completely blank.

Now for the finish, you say to the second spectator that they could have thought of any card, then you turn over the first spectator’s card to reveal you have also predicted the thought of card on the back!

Strong, commercial magic that you will perform. The best buy is it is instantly reset so you can perform it again for a different group without having to fiddle around with the cards in a corner.

A smash hit at the Blackpool convention!

Ian Barradell said it was his “trick of the convention”

“ Great effect, very commercial with a lovely ‘kicker’! Well done Chris. Highly recommended.” – Steve Cook

“Brilliant” – Vanii Pulee

“This is absolutely fantastic” – Mark Chandaue

Full performance here…