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“Lie” by Chris Congreave – a delightful and highly commercial effect that transforms a small packet of cards into a lie detection machine!

Here’s how it unfolds:

A card is freely selected from a deck, let’s say it’s the 7 of Hearts, and either returned to the deck or placed in the spectator’s pocket. Next, you introduce a small packet of cards, humorously mentioning that this magic trick was voted the 317th best out of 320! The cards bear the bold number 317 on their backs, but with a clever twist, you reveal that this is actually a lie as the number transforms into the word “LIE.”

Now, it’s time for your spectator to participate. You ask them three questions, allowing them to either lie or tell the truth with their responses. With each answer, you spell out their response by placing one card for each letter on the table. After all the questions have been answered, you turn over the card in your hand to reveal the 3 of Clubs.

But wait, there’s a twist! Your spectator insists that’s not their card. With a flourish, you reveal that all the cards in your possession have transformed into the 3 of Clubs. As you point to the initial card shown, it miraculously changes into their chosen card – the 7 of Hearts!

“Lie” is not only easy to perform but also promises heaps of fun and built-in comedy. The pack includes all the special cards, with extra cards provided for variations in outcomes, ensuring countless opportunities for repeat performances. Plus, a comprehensive tutorial video is included to guide you every step of the way.


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