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Zodiac By Chris Congreave Is an easy to do prediction of not only a playing card but also your spectators star sign!

With this custom designed and printed deck and Chris’s clever method you can perform this effect with ZERO sleight of hand and ZERO memory work!

There is no fishing, no cribs, no rough and smooth, no progressive anagrams just a direct piece of magic.

In the package we also provide you two Horoscope pages (to play the part of pages torn from a magazine) one provides you with a super fun comedy presentation and the other more serious.

What if you don’t want to carry the pages? Don’t worry we have you covered. The effect is 100% self-contained everything you need to perform the routine is on the tuck case. So you only need to carry the special Zodiac deck and you’re ready to go!

Zodiac is one of those effect that really makes a connection with your audience.

Zodiac Comes With:

Custom Design and Printed Deck and Tuck

A comedy horoscope sheet (with bonus effect)

A Serious horoscope sheet (with bonus Effect)

A full tutorial video to get you up and running in minutes


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